November 3, 2017
Handcrafted dark, white and milk chocolates and truffles with sea salt, green tea, almond, nuts are carefully packed in 230 g box. This assortment is made for chocolate lovers and for your dearest ones.
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57 % dark chocolates filled with the famous “Chinggis Gold” vodka by Gem International. Mongolians believe that the etymology of the word Ambassador came from the mongolian ‘Amban Said’ since the Chinggis Khan empire. “Ambassador” dark chocolate with liqueur is an ideal gift for business partners and buddies.
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The Assortment of the finest milk chocolates with sea buckthorn cream and caramel cream. Packed in 170 g. Inside of each box there is one of 4 postcards with beautiful images of Mongolia. This will be an unforgettable gift for guests and friends.
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Манай фэйсбүүк хаяг
“Заан фүүдс” компани, Баянзүрх дүүрэг, Улаанбаатар 13370 , Монгол улс